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necessarily, but it would not necessarily let you instantly enroll either. the white house says it is because it had 300 75,000 visitors today alone even before noon. today aloneisitors even before noon. encouraging news, but it is still not able to handle quite that much. this.y are seeing we need you to wait here so we can make sure there is room for you to have a good experience, it says. it even offers to notify you when it's ready. >> we are not done, but we have passed an important milestone. >> there are also other issues on the site's backend. it is sometimes failing to deliver your info to the insurance company, meaning they are yournow they provider. >> if consumers are not sure
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they are enrolled, they should center orustomer call the insurer of their choice. doesn't end with [indiscernible] >> i don't think so. i think people are concerned that they will get to keep their doctors. >> he said he is not surprised if the democratic led senate will delay a vote to deal with the issues. because even if the site works, concerns linger. a sentiment echoed -- echoed by speaker boehner today. using this graphic, he said it's not just the website, but the whole law. >> a statement from speaker boehner's office, stating there will be at least four more issues over obama care this week alone. we will see more argument on this.
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>> the supreme court denied an attempt to overturn the employee -- employer mandate portion of the affordable care act. thehallenge the portion of law requiring most employers who provide health insurance for workers. that portion of the law does not take effect until 2015. bikes we have an update on a breaking news story from the district. d.c. member -- >> we have an update on a breaking news story from the district. tc mayor vincent gray has signed petitions seeking reelection. the d.c. bureau chief sam ford spoke with the mayor. he joins us now with from the board of elections. >> after much speculation whether mayor vincent gray would speak -- seek reelection, the answer here at one judiciary square where the d.c. board of elections is located about two hours ago. mayor gray appeared here around 4:00 and signed for his positions to seek reelection for
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democratic mayor -- candidate for mayor. 3000 valid signatures must be collected for his name to appear on april primary ballot. >> this is your declaration that you are seeking reelection? >> this is my declaration of getting the petitions filled out. will have a kickoff event in early 2014. the goal right now will be to get the required member of -- number of signatures. >> of course, mayor gray stance all but formally legally accused of running an illegal campaign in 2010. the u.s. attorney is investigating and a number of campaign workers have treated guilty in federal court. one has been sentenced to prison for lying to the fbi. >> why did it take you this long? >> i was hoping, as i have said many times, i was hoping the 2010 stuff would be over. it isn't and ll continue on however long the u.s. attorney
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choose to his -- chooses to investigate. i had 30 more days to get our petitions in and i at least wanted that opportunity. >> mayor gray has named check fees, a political and media consultant at his campaign manager. he has sent out an e-mail to supporters, arguing he deserves a second term. for council members are among the about six candidates so far who have declared for mayor. and one of them, tommy wells, has now released a statement renouncing the mayor, saying the mayor should not run because he ran a corrupt campaign in 2010. x thank you, sam. another -- >> thank you sam. office mayor has taken tonight. he narrowly defeated his democratic incumbent, by 59
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votes. he has already begun making new appointment, despite the city council threat to limit his power. ntsb investigators say the training new york was going 82 miles per hour before derailed sunday morning. track is 70that miles per hour before it quickly drops to 30 miles per hour around the curve. it killed four people and injured dozens more. >> is this human error or faulty equipment? no answers at this point in time. we cannot tell. we can say here is what happened. >> investigators say a train -- the train's engineer who was injured in the crash is cooperating. are nows of commuters taking buses to get around derailment. >> crash investigators in scotland said there was no distress call from a police helicopter before it went down. the chopper slammed into a glass
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go public on friday night. nine people, including three on the helicopter, died. the body of the final victim was pulled from the pub today. the lead investigator said the chopper did not have a flight data recorder. back here at home, a montgomery county teacher has pleaded guilty to four counts of second- degree assault, but will spend no time in jail. it is said timothy crue become will be onru[pica probation. he cannot teach students younger than 16. he will be on probation for three years. could beaily commute more expensive. from parking all the way to riding the bus or train. of ad a creature the size grain of rice could cause a big headache for monterey county.
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-- montgomery county.
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>> new at 6:00, a tiny shrimp- like creature could add another
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delay along the purple wine project. some believe this enterprise may be living in the path of the rail line. the creature is about the size of a grain of rice and native to rock creek forest a a nearby fish and wildlife service several years ago made no mention of any endangered beasties. -- species. >> it was right down the stream from here and they did not think, oh, the dirt and the runoff and the pollution in the hazardous waste right nearby might present a hazard. click the opponents of the purple line -- >> the opponents of the purple line are primarily motivated by delaying the line. general says he has not ruled out taking legal action. >> some people could get a rude surprise under their windshield wiper.
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$100 ticket, and possibly even towing vehicles walking the new streetcar lines. that includes those who double parked or even parked over the white line along the curb. these streetcars will begin testing this week. the 100 50thks anniversary of the completion of the u.s. capitol dome. 150th anniversary of the completion of the u.s. capitol dome. the congressman from california who chairs the committee that oversees the district said at a hearing today that he is open to rules that would limit building height within the district. 1910 requires of buildings be no taller than the width of the street they face. restrictionst relaxed and the planning commission has recognized no changes. >> next on seven news at 6:00 -- >> it could cost you more to
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ride the metro. i will tell you just how much more next. ,> and some warmer days ahead but some change brings the threat of rain.
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a subaru... .are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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>> commuters will have to wait a bit longer to begin writing on the metro silver line. the metropolitan authority said today more tests are needed on the first phase of the rail line toward ellis. affected to take several weeks. metro had said it would take 90 days to begin service once it begins to control the tracks. that makes plans for a february opening most unlikely. >> the cost of riding the metro could be rising once again. >> it unveiled its proposed budget for next year and included hikes for all of its services. among them, a three percent
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increase for trains, 15 sent her trip increase for buses, and another $.25 to park on the parking deck. metro riders are not reacting happily. >> not at all. any mention of a fare increase gets negative reaction from a lot of passengers, but metro says it needs the money. passengers are willing to pay, they say, if it does improve service. >> metro calls its roster of proposed fare increases modest. but try characterizing it like that to some passengers who read lot -- who rely solely on metro to get around. >> i take it everywhere. it would not be fine. >> $.15 more for most bus fares and $.10 for most rail passengers. metro says it amounts for -- amounts to a two percent increase. >> if you added to everything
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else, it makes it more difficult for -- a three percent increase. >> if you add it to everything else, it makes for a more difficult the use of their services. site a $5 billion overhaul. some say service is not improving along with the higher fares. >> the escalators still break down all the time. >> some passengers we spoke with expect that they will just have to absorb the cost of higher commuting and take the money out of some other expenditure. affect how much i use it if it kept going up. that it didnted out not have a fare hike last year and the system intends to stagger those fare hikes every other year. >> all of the folks out there doing their christmas shopping,
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i assume. some nice weather tonight. >> cloudy, but not terrible. we will warm up over the next few days and then maybe chile by the weekend again. for record-keeping purposes we know that winter officially begins on december 21, but december 1 marks the beginning of the winter months of december, january, and february. overcast will be back tomorrow. sun will come back tomorrow. 50 degrees was the high at reagan national. this is the time of year that we are seeing our earliest sunset. it will 4:46 p.m. and set at 4:46 p.m. for the next 11
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days. add moreill slowly on decemberinning 21. hours, thatdaylight is why we get the colder temperatures. one cold snap could be around the corner. a tonight is pretty comfortable. chilly and most areas will be between 38-33 degrees. 53 in atlanta right now. lakes.across the great there is plenty of cold stuff left. we will see later in the week. isthe meantime, low-pressure
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bringing cloudiness today. break into sunshine tomorrow from time to time and that will warm us up a bit. into the 60 degree range by thursday. but we will also see showers. this cold front will deliver the potential for a lot of snow in the far northwestern part of the country. this will move out and things will improve and brightened up considerably. be then change will milder temperatures into the 50's and 60's. who this was incredible weekend. forget last night for just a second. coast conference with auburn's win over alabama,
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the crazy ohio state and michigan game, peyton manning's win over the ohio chiefs last -- over the kansas city chiefs yesterday. it, noicials blew question about it. the nfl said that yesterday. but the redskins had every chance to win the game, but they were incredibly inconsistent. still, everybody is talking about the end of the game and the officiating at the end. >> obviously, they made mistake. but they marked it as a first down. they called it a first down. was a problem, they should have stopped it right there. we have to move the ball because we cannot rely on the rest. >> you are right, but you guys were just bad, and you certainly had her chances against the giants.
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dropped passes were just painful. for sacks in seven plays. rg iii did hit his first 12 passes. passhen asked about his catchers, i think finally rg iii has learned his lesson. >> i'm not going to set up here and talk about these things. our guys did a lot of good things in the game. that's what i have to draw from. i'm not going to stand up here and talk about those things. >> kudos to rg iii for that. six wins in eight games with the wizards. is meme.tory he is banged up, but still making a difference. 15.7 rebounds per game says pretty much all of it. but the big fella has a very sore achilles tonight. what is the latest?
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like i don't know how we're are going to do, but i will do my best. last night that rg iii doesn't keep his head upon his grandma's downfield. how about this kid? for 18 seconds he scrambled .ooking for his receivers look out. hail mary, light a candle. yard touchdown catch. do you have any great coupon you go this is our play of the day. ey poupon?y
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>> we love doug. >> yes, we do. 50's, midw, lower 50's on wednesday. time frames ofth rain. and then a cold weather weekend. captioned by the national captioning institute but it's winter.
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welcome to "world news." tonight off the rails at 82 miles per hour. news on the train crash investigation, how the train jumped the tracks and how survivors escaped with their lives. special delivery. amazon's dream plan to drop off your packages by drone. is this possible to fly a pizza to your door? critical condition. an abc news investigation. outrageous medical bills, the same tests, wildly different prices, we take on the case tonight. a good evening to you and welcome back from the holiday

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